Position One: CHALK Outreach Worker: Number of Positions Available: 5

Position Description: CHALK Outreach Workers are a group of young leaders who work directly in the community. As front-line staff, Outreach Workers provide youth and their allies with resources and information and employment opportunities. Outreach Workers inform the community about CHALK programs and build connections throughout San Francisco. Also, they will be responsible for facilitating a youth-led drop-in space that supports 16-24 year old youth with securing employment. Conduct presentations and job readiness workshops, identify available resources, connect participants with resources, and develop outreach plans and strategies. Applicants must be: -Must be between the ages of 17-24 -Must be on probation with a San Francisco case.


Position Two: CHALK YouthLINE Technology Intern: Number of Positions Available: 8

Position Description: Interns will get hands-on experience with real-world creative assignments: digital media, host our live television show, web design, photography, and journalism. Youth will be required to work in groups. Interested applicants are not required to have experience. YouthLINE will train you! However, experience is a plus and we will accept portfolios. Applicants must be: -Must be between the ages of 15-18 years old -Must be a San Francisco Resident – Must have an interest in digital media and/or information technology.


Position Three: BACR Youth Policy Leaders Intern: Number of Positions Available: 8

Youth Policy Leaders do community-based research, policy, and organizing. The upcoming Health Rights Campaign is 5-year project in which we will focus on how tobacco companies target low-income communities of color and youth by giving out coupons for tobacco products and making prices very low. Youth Leaders will conduct research by collecting community opinions, identifying health effects, and creating policies on how to stop the tobacco industry from targeting low-income communities of color. Youth leaders will survey their communities, complete a photo project, and conduct interviews. Youth Leaders will use the data they have collected to create a policy that they feel best protects the health of their community.


Applicants must be: -Must be between the ages of 16-24 years old

-Must be a San Francisco resident

-Passionate about being a LEADER and committed to improving the health of the community!

***Mail or drop off your applications to: CHALK, c/o Bianca Faddis, 271 Austin Street, SF, CA 94109 or Fax application to: 415-977-6950 or email applications to: faddis@chalk.org

*Questions? Call Bianca at the CHALK office 415-977-6949 make sure to call between the hours of 10:00am ā€“ 4:00pm Monday ā€“ Friday.