The Mix at SFPL is a new digital media center for teens at the San Francisco Public Library’s Main Library, openingJune 18th.  San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) is seeking enthusiastic, friendly and innovative individuals for 18-month long internships in The Mix at SFPL, a dynamic digital media center at San Francisco’s Main Library where teens create, perform, learn, engage and share with peers, mentors, their communities and the world beyond. These internships require a high school diploma, or equivalent, and enrollment in an accredited college or vocational program.  The internships will be scheduled for 15 hours each week to support programs at The Mix, but hours can be arranged around school schedules.

To apply click here!

If you want help with your application, we have scheduled an Application Workshop next Friday, 6/19, from 10 am – 12 pm at The Mix (the day after our grand opening)!  To register for the workshop, please sign up here.  Please note that you must sign up in advance to attend the Application Workshop, as it takes place during closed Library hours.

Source: San Francisco Public Library, June 12, 2015