“Shell Shocked: New Orleans Documentary about Youth and Gun Violence” with Director John Richie
New Orleans has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the U.S. For the last decade, statistics have shown murder rates 4 – 6 times higher than the national average. 80% of the victims are black males, mostly in their teenage years. This is the greatest neglected crisis with profound implications for violence and crime most American cities face. New Orleans government, law enforcement, community leaders, and well-intentioned citizens cannot agree on a solution or prognosis to this situation. Wherever a disagreement is escalating into violence, an execution is being planned, or a victim is taking his last breath. It is more than likely that a youth is witnessing or carrying out these actions. SHELL SHOCKED attempts to bridge the gap of this disconnect by hearing ideas, opinions, and testimonies from activists, community leaders, police, city officials, youth program directors, family and friends of victims, and the children who live in these violence circumstances. We are looking for positive solutions to an extremely negative situation.