Five Keys Charter School (FKIH) provides a unique opportunity for disenfranchised populations by reaching further into the community to serve students who do not have access to full-time classroom-based instruction; students who want to accelerate credit attainment; and, working students and those enrolled in Work Force Development programs like Asian Neighborhood Design, or at one of the City’s WIA One Stops. What is particularly unique about the FKIH approach, is that it literally brings school to the student.

By partnering with city agencies, CBOs, the Sheriff’s Department Jails, and residential treatment facilities, FKIH sends independent study teachers to students where they are located, thus eliminating a major barrier for this population to attend school.

Five Keys has several variations of this model under which teachers travel to a location where the student is currently receiving social services.

• Residential Treatment Facilities: (e.g., Walden House, Friendship House) For re-entry / substance abuse programs where the clients actually live, FKIH places an instructor(s) at the residential facility. Upon intake to the facility, those without a GED or high school diploma are enrolled in FKIH as part of their treatment program. Academic classes are held daily for clients in addition to scheduled appointments with the independent study teacher.

• City Agencies: (e.g., Adult Probation, Sheriff’s Community Programs, District Attorney’s Back on Track). For probationers and parolees who are court-mandated or as a condition of probation / parole must report to certain facilities, FKIH partners with these agencies to create “learn labs” where student can enroll in school, meet weekly with an Independent study teacher, and attend class daily for additional academic support.

• Workforce Training, WIA Youth: (e.g., Goodwill Industries, Asian Neighborhood Design, Hunters Point / Bayview YMCA) Similar to the models above, individuals without a GED or high school diploma can access FKIH’s program at their vocational training site.

• Incarcerated Individuals Unable to Attend Five Keys Charter School: (e.g., County Jails 3 & 4) Certain inmate classifications and jail housing won’t allow certain inmates to attend regular daily classes at Five Key Charter School. In these instances, FKIH teachers meet weekly with inmates one-on-one in their housing unit. To provide additional support, inmate classification permitting, the instructor will also hold weekly study groups for inmates to get additional support beyond their weekly appointment.

Under this unique program design, by bringing the school to the client with the wraparound support / case management services of our partnering organizations, we provide greater opportunities for these clients to restart their education, advance toward graduation and pursue goals of post-secondary education, employment, and positive re-entry into the community.

Download the Five Keys Enrollment form here.

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