College Connect is a multi-year program provides structured, personalized college admissions support to students and their parents through high school graduation, as well as ongoing guidance during college. Each year, the program recruits 20-25 4-year college-bound high school juniors from throughout the neighborhood who are first generation to attend college. Click here to download College Connect Application for 2012-2013.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? • Desire to attend a 4-year college • Not in another college access program • Willing to explore colleges outside of CA • Current high school juniors • Minimum 2.5 GPA • On-track to complete A-G requirements • Qualify for free/reduced-lunch program • First generation to attend a 4-year college in the U.S. • Live or go to school in the Mission District

College Connectors and their families receive support with: • ACT preparation • Writing a personal statement • Completing college applications • Completing scholarship applications • Understanding financial aid • Choosing the best college that meets their personal needs • Making a successful transition to col-lege • Staying on-track in college This program is FREE for all participants

In addition to the college preparation support we provide families, each College Connect cohort goes on a college tour during spring break. This opportunity helps participants understand what kind of 4-year institution best fits their needs and interests by visiting a range of college and university campuses in California.

This program does not end when you graduate from high school. College Con-nect supports participants throughout college with continuous financial aid advising, phone calls and email until students graduate.

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