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You are currently viewing CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION resources.

Disabled Students Programs and Services at City College of San Francisco

1 Review

50 Phelan Avenue, R323, San Francisco, CA

DSPS provides support services and classes for students with disabilities at City College of San Francisco.

Young Community Developers Inc.

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1715 Yosemite Ave, San Francisco, CA

Preparation, Placement and Preservation...

Pathway & Academy Dual Enrollment Program at City College of San Francisco

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1400 Evans Ave, San Francisco, CA

Dual enrollment is an opportunity to gain college credits while still in high school. This is a program, so you will get support from college counselors and your own teachers at your home school.

BAYCAT Academy Media Internships

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2415 Third Street, Suite 230 San Francisco CA 94107

The BAYCAT Internship employs 18-24 year-olds to produce digital media that tells their unique stories, transform themselves, their communities and the world.

Occupational Therapy Training Program (OTTP)-San Francisco

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425 Divisadero Street, Suite 301, San Francisco, CA

The Occupational Therapy Training Program provides vocational assessment, skills training,counseling and case management to enable clients to overcome obstacles and achieve personal, educational and vocational goals.

City College of San Francisco: HARTS Program

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50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco, CA

The HARTS Program serves homeless/at risk students with the goal of achieving success in an academic environment.