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You are currently viewing JUSTICE-INVOLVED – reentry young adult resources.

Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco, Inc: LifeWorks Employment Program

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440 Potrero Ave. San Francisco, Ca. 94110

Employment education/ work experience program for youth on juvenile probation ages 14-20.

San Francisco Collaborative Court: Solutions for Ending Mass Incarceration

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400 McAllister, San Francisco CA

The San Franciscon Collaborative Courts (SFCC) work with individuals and families in the criminal justice, juvenile delinquency, and child welfare systems who are challenged by substance abuse, mental illness and other social welfare concerns.

Youth Justice Institute (YJI): Young Men’s Group

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375 Woodside Ave., Buildings W1 and W2, San Francisco, CA

Young Men's Mentoring Group for justice-involved 18 - 25 year-olds: how to have and keep healthy relationships.

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Second Chance Legal Clinic

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1290 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA

Second Chance Legal Clinic will help seal your juvenile record. Call (415) 814-7610 to sign up!

Goodwill Industries: Back on Track

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1500 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Back on Track is a comprehensive re-entry initiative for young adults with low level non violent drug offenses.

SF Public Defenders Office: Clean Slate Program, Seal Your Records

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Many people who have been convicted of a crime don’t realized that they may be eligible to have their conviction dismissed. the Clean Slate Program was created to help people through this process.