Has one of your parents ever been in prison or jail? Would you be willing to share your story of what’s it’s been like to have a parent incarcerated so you can help other youth who are going through the same thing? Do you want a fun, challenging job where you can learn skills to help you get into college or just to improve yourself?

At Project WHAT! you will:

• Have fun and earn money

• Write a story about your life

• Get training in writing, public speaking & other skills

• Train teachers, social workers, and others adults so they can provide better support to youth

You might even get to travel to other cities to share your experiences at conferences. In the past, team members have gone to Washington D.C., Atlanta, Seattle, L.A., and Cleveland.

In order to apply for a job with Project WHAT!:

• One or both of your parents MUST have been incarcerated at some point in your life

• You MUST be willing to speak publicly about it and share your experiences

• You must be between 14-18 years old

• You MUST live in or go to school in San Francisco

Click here for application. 

Source: Project WHAT, April 10th, 2015