SF4TAY Provider Survey

Provider Survey for www.sf4tay.org, an online directory of resources for 16-24 year old Transitional Age Youth (TAY)

This survey will help us compose a profile of your program to include on www.sf4tay.org, a comprehensive, searchable online directory of resources for 16-24 year old transitional age youth (TAY). Designed specifically for young adults, www.sf4tay.org will include comprehensive and up-to-date listings of all programs and services available to TAY, with all types of services—housing, workforce, education, health & wellness, advocacy, and recreation—included on one central site.

Please complete one survey for each program within your organization that works with young adults. The information you provide will help young people and their allies navigate the range of resources for transitional age youth and support informed referrals to appropriate services.

Feel free to contact the SF4TAY Team at info@sf4tay.org or call (217) 341-4222 with any questions.

    Please provide your contact information in case we have any questions about your survey responses.


  2. 3. Contact Information
    Please provide contact information for this program
  3. 4. Hours of Operation
    Please provide the hours of operation for this program
  4. Please indicate the languages that are spoken by staff

  5. Please indicate the fees for this program, if any

  7. Please provide a brief descriotion of this program, as it would be explained to a young adult. This text will be used in your program profile.

  8. Please provide a one-line abstract of this program. This text will be used when your program is listed among similar providers on the website.

  9. Please select the identified goal(s) or outcome(s) for participants in this program

  10. Please select the core services that are provided through this program. This information will be used to categorize this program on the website.

  11. Please select any basic needs supports that are available to participants through this program

  12. Please select any additional on-site wraparound support services that are available to participants through this program.

  13. Please indicate any benefits or incentives that are provided to program participants

  14. Please estimate the approximate weekly time commitment for participants in this program

  15. Please indicate the approximate duration of this program. If it does not have a defined length, please indicate the average time that participants take to complete the program

  16. Please attach any relevant program materials (fliers, brochures, etc.)

  18. Please select the age group that is served by this program

  19. Please indicate which of the following populations of young people are BEST served by this program. Which of the following populations of young adults are MOST successful in this program?

  20. Please indicate whether any of the following criteria serve as eligibility requirements that an applicant MUST meet in order to participate in this program

  21. Please indicate whether any of the following additional criteria would DISQUALIFY an applicant from being eligible to participate in this program

  23. Please estimate the current wait time for accessing this program or service

  24. Please select how new participants are admitted to this program

  25. Please explain the admissions and enrollment process in detail. What are the steps that a young person must complete in order to enroll in this program?

  26. Please indicate whether any of the following are required for enrollment into this program

  27. Please attach any enrollment/application materials for this program

  28. 26. Intake Person
    Please indicate the primary contact person for young adults who are interested in enrolling in this program.

  29. Please attach an image to include with this program listing