This internship offers young people ages 21-27 the chance to train for a career in Custodial Services. The primary goal of Career Connect: Custodial Track is to help young people qualify for and obtain positions in the 2708 Custodian series with the City and County of San Francisco.

ABOUT CAREER CONNECT: CUSTODIAL TRACK (35 hours per week, $18.63/hr)

8-month paid internship that allows youth to gain on-the-job training and increase their ability to get and keep a job.


Interns in our training programs are hired as temporary employees of the City and County of San Francisco in the 9920 Assistant to Professional series.


Interns attend a paid six week SFO orientation. During orientation interns work between 15-20 hours per week.


After orientation Custodial Track interns work in SFO’s Custodial Services department for 29 hours per week and receive training in facility maintenance.


Interns also attend class at City College of San Francisco’s Evan’s Campuson Monday and Wednesday nights from 6pm-9pm to obtain their certificate in

Custodial/Building Maintenance. Interns are paid to attend class.


In addition to training with Custodial Services, interns will also work with the SFO Internships team to develop life skills around money management,

communication, housing and transportation, and job readiness.


BART tickets/transit tokens are provided to interns in good standing.


AFTER CUSTODIAL TRACK: Transition to SFO Employment and Preparation for the 2708 Custodian Application with the City of SF


Interns are evaluated throughout their internship by all levels of SFO Internships staff and Custodial Supervisors.

Interns that successfully complete their Custodial Track internship with quality evaluations are provided transition services in seeking employment with private companies at SFO while also working with SFO Internships staff to prepare for the 2708 Custodian exam with the City and County of San Francisco.   The intent of this internship is to prepare you to be a custodian and to meet the minimum qualifications to become a 2708 custodian.  Completion of this program does not mean you will become a 2708 custodian.



The path for a successful Career Connect: Custodial Track intern:

Custodial Track Internship (orientation, CCSF class, on-the-job training) ðGraduation from Custodial Track ð Work for a business at SFO and prepare for City of SF’s 2708 Custodian Exam ð Apply for 2708 Custodian position when Department of Human Resources announces the positionð Obtain a high score on the 2708 test ð Interview for 2708 position ð Become a 2708 Custodian with the City and County of San Francisco


Permanent or long-term employment with the Airport Commission is not guaranteed.

The intent of this internship is to prepare you to be a custodian and to meet the minimum qualifications to become a 2708 custodian.  The program in no way guarantees long term or permanent employment with the Airport, the Airport Commission or the City and County of San Francisco.



?         Between the ages of 21-27

?         GED, Diploma, or Certificate of Completion

?         No felony convictions for the last 10 years

?         Ability to pass a drug screen

?         Ability to work between 15-20 hours per semester

?         Either living in San Francisco or with a San Francisco affiliation (originally from SF, went to school in SF, out of home placement in SF, etc.)


*Candidates do not need to register for City College prior to applying. If selected, you will register through SFO.


HOW TO GET THE Career Connect: Custodial Track APPLICATION


Email to request an application


Call 650-821-5241 to request an application



9/29/15: Online Application Available

10/30/15: Online Application Closes at 5pm

11/2-11/9: Interviews at SFO

11/10-11/17:  Notifications to selected candidates

11/17-12/29:  Selected candidates attend processing appointments with Human Resources and SFO Medical Clinic (appointments are unpaid, transportation tokens provided)

1/11/16:  First day of internship


Questions are encouraged! Please call or email if you want to discuss the program or have any questions about the application process.

Laurel Moeslein

Programs and Training Coordinator

SFO’s Office of Employment and Community Partnerships

650-821-5241 or


Candidates are encouraged to view the 2708 Custodian position with the City and County of San Francisco prior to applying:



Department of Human Resources

Custodian (#2708)
$22.23-$27.01 Hourly / $3,852.00-$4,682.00 Monthly / $46,228.00-$56,186.00 Yearly


<image001.gif>Email Me when a Job Opens for the above position(s)