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Richmond Area Multi Services (RAMS): Wellness Centers Program

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3626 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

The RAMS Wellness Centers Program provides mental health and/or substance abuse counseling through the Wellness Centers in 15 SFUSD public high schools.

UCSF Medical Center: Women’s HIV Program

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400 Parnassus Avenue, 4th Floor Room A-429, San Francisco, CA

Comprehensive on-site HIV care for women and their children. Services include HIV medical care, pediatric primary care, dental screenings, referrals, and nutritional counseling. The Program also offers mental health screening and counseling as well as ongoing psychotherapy for children and their families. There are on-site social workers to assist with housing, CCS, Medi-cal, and other services. The program also provides confidential HIV testing, access to clinical trials, legal counseling, and 24-hour HIV medical care through an on-call system daily.
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UCSF 360: The Positive Care Center

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400 Parnassus Avenue, 4th Floor, Room A-29, San Francisco, CA

Provides medical care for HIV-Positive individuals that is informed by the latest HIV/AIDS treatments and information. Consultative care is offered to pationets who already have a primary care provider, but want to have the option to see an HIV/AIDS expert from time to time. Consultaions can be initiated by a patient or their primary care provider. There are specific programs for wmeon and men of color and the center also provides individua lcase management. The cneter offers social services provided by social workers and case managers who are trained in HIV/AIDS-related needs and services. Each patient is offered anRead more

Chinatown North Beach Mental Health Services

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729 Filbert Street, San Francisco, CA

Chinatown/North Beach Mental Health Services (CTNB) offers an array of mental health services to adolescents (14 years and older), adult and older adult SF residents primarily in the Chinatown and North Beach areas.

Tom Waddell Health Center: Transgender Clinic

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50 Ivy Street, San Francisco, CA

Provides multidisciplinary primary care, nutritional, mental health, social services, as well as dental services for under-served populations in inner-city San Francisco.

San Francisco General Hospital: Family Health Center: Refugee Medical Clinic

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995 Potrero Avenue, Building 80, 5th Floor, San Francisco

General health and medical care for refugees with an I-94 form (during first 18 months in U.S. or any new immigrants with Medi-Cal).