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You are currently viewing LITERACY SUPPORT AND TUTORING resources.

Fred Finch Youth Center

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3800 Coolidge Ave, Oakland, CA

Fred Finch Youth Center provides mental health, housing, and residential treatment to system-involved youth and their families to help them heal from trauma and lead healthy, productive lives. Services occur on site and throughout the community at the convenience of those we work with.

Family Services Agency of San Francisco: Realizing Employment And Creating Hope (REACH)

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2730 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA

Vocational case management services and job readiness training for pregnant and parenting youth 17 - 21 years-old in the Health, Childcare and Administrative sector bridge academies.

Mo’MAGIC: Magic Zone TAY

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1050 McAllister , San Francisco, CA

TAY participants participate in workshops, trainings and classes in preparation for internships and job development.

Disabled Students Programs and Services at City College of San Francisco

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50 Phelan Avenue, R323, San Francisco, CA

DSPS provides support services and classes for students with disabilities at City College of San Francisco.

Gateway to College at City College of San Francisco

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50 Phelan Ave., San Francisco, CA

Gateway to College is a program at City College of San Francisco that serves students between 16-20, who have dropped out of high school in San Francisco or may not graduate. Students take courses that help earn credit towards their high school diploma and a college degree or certificate at the same time. Gateway to College is for students who: •Are 16 - 20 years old •Live in San Francisco •Have dropped out of high school (behind in units for age and grade level, to graduate) •Struggled with grades and attendance (GPA generally below 2.0) •Are READY and MOTIVATEDRead more

City College of San Francisco: HARTS Program

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50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco, CA

The HARTS Program serves homeless/at risk students with the goal of achieving success in an academic environment.