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Southeast Health Center

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2401 Keith Street, San Francisco, CA

Provides comprehensive primary care services for adults and children, dental and vision services, as well as confidential reproductive health services. There are on-site eligibility workers who assist clients with SSI and disability applications.
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Silver Avenue Family Health Center

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1525 Silver Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Provides comprehensive primary care services including family planning and STI/STD care and testing, as well as dental and vision services.

St. Anthony Free Medical Clinic

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150 Golden Gate Ave, 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA

The Clinic provides primary medical care for low-income and homeless children and adults. They provide sick visits, physical exams, immunizations, pregnancy testing and referral, and STD testing and treatment.

South of Market Health Center

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229 7th Street, San Francisco, CA

Provides primary medical care, including sports and school physicians, immunizations, TB testing, STD screening and treatment, pregnancy testing and counseling, HIV testing, gynecological services, prenatal program, and well-baby check-ups. Mammograms available in Breast Clinic. During anonymous testing hours, youth and young adults ages 12-23 receive individual HIV health education sessions with a counselor who will also give their results in two weeks.

Progress Foundation: Dore Urgent Care Clinic

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52 Dore Alley, San Francisco, CA

The Dore Urgent Care Clinic is a community-based crisis intervention center designed to provide assessment and intervention to individuals in psychiatric crisis who my otherwise be taken to hospital psychiatric emergency.

Asian American Recovery Services: COPPASA

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2166 Hayes Street, Suite 206, San Francisco, CA

Adult prevention, screening, and assessments for behavioral health care referrals.