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You are currently viewing JOB AND INTERNSHIP resources FOR YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS.

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Want a Summer Job or Internship? Get help at one of SF Summer Jobs+ Doorway locations

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If you're motivated, ready to work, between 16-24 and able to work in San Francisco, Summer Jobs+ is for you!

Richmond District Neighborhood Center: Beacon Works/Youth Program Assistants

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741 30th ave, San Francisco, CA

Beacon Works and Youth Program Assistants empower and train youth to work in the Richmond District Neighborhood Center and in other businesses and organizations throughout San Francisco

Enterprise for High School Students: This Way Ahead

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200 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA, 6th Floor

This Way Ahead is a paid job-readiness training and internship for S.F. high school and GED students.

Instituto Familiar de la Raza: La Cultura Cura Youth Program

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2919 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

La Cultura Cura provides after-school programming activities, case management/advocacy, and Mental Health Services in an effort to provide a healthy environment where young people feel supported and empowered while they participate in culturally relevant structured activities.

Family Services Agency of San Francisco: Realizing Employment And Creating Hope (REACH)

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2730 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA

Vocational case management services and job readiness training for pregnant and parenting youth 17 - 21 years-old in the Health, Childcare and Administrative sector bridge academies.

Community Vocational Enterprise (CVS)

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818 Mission St., San Francisco, CA

CVE is a non profit social enterprise focused on workforce development through a collaboration with Department of Rehabilitation and Social Security's Ticket to Work program.