Find out how to put your tech skills to work. If you love computers and technology or are considering a career as a systems administrator, the place to start is with

CompTIA A+ Help Desk certification. In five months you can unlock the door to a

whole new field of job opportunities, and we will help every step of the way.

Explore your opportunties to have a career in Information Technology.

Program includes:

• Tuition paid at CCSF

• Paid internship

• Certification test prep

• Exam fees covered

• Personal job coach for one year

• Job placement support for one year

Classes include:

• CNIT 100: Intro to Computers using PC’s

• CNIT 103/L: Computer Hardware

• CNIT 104: Operating Systems Technologies

• CNIT 105: Computer Technical Support

• CNIT 197: Internship

Apply if you love helping people, are technically inclined, are familiar with

computer hardware and software and love problem-solving.

*We = BAVC + TechSF, a government funded program to help people like you get trained and find job opportunities in the booming tech industry.

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