MyPath (formerly Mission SF Community Financial Center) places low-income youth and young adults on a path to economic mobility by ensuring they have access to quality financial products, a working knowledge of the financial system, and a peer-based social support system that encourages personal goal-setting and accountability. When we do this, we position youth and young adults to achieve their full potential and seed upward mobility that will continue for generations to come.

MyPath offers services such as:

MyPath Savings engages young people in banking and saving, transforming their first paychecks into an economic mobility pathway.

MyPath Advocates engages young people in visible leadership roles in local, state and national efforts to improve access to quality financial services and opportunities.

MyPath Credit engages young adults in saving and credit-building, transforming their ability to access jobs, housing and quality loans.

MyPath Innovation engages youth in the design and testing of new curriculum, including both in-person and online activities.

Source: MyPath, September 3rd, 2015

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