With the escalating housing crisis and limited availability for certain TAY services many youth are beginning to seek services outside of their community. Because of that we want to make sure TAY are able to access a wide rang of resource that may be out of their community and provide access to TAY who may not be from San Francisco yet need assistance.

Downtown TAY functions as an access point for TAY in the city. Their mission is to empower the young adult community by connecting them to their culture, inspiring hope, promoting critical thinking and cultivating creativity while supporting their overall health & wellness.

Programs Include

Sankofa Sessions are a trauma-informed, social-change project designed to empower at-risk youth to become “Culture Brokers” in their communities. This wellness-based and culturally impactful curriculum addresses mental health challenges like trauma, anxiety and depression.

Downtown TAY provides on-going Peer/Wellness Support by creating a positive and welcoming environment for our TAY community.

Urban Community Garden – Planting, harvesting and providng insight about “earth medicine” at our urban garden located at the Alameda Point Collaborative, all are welcome to participate and come get your hands in the soil.

Visual arts, spoken word, music and dance, are just a few of the creative outlets to be explored in future series at our Downtown TAY offices.

For more resources located out of San Francisco you can also head to One Degree. 

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