County Adult Assistance Programs (CAAP) consists of four separate, independent programs to better meet the needs of adult residents of San Francisco:


The Personal Assisted Employment Services (PAES) Program provides employable adults with the education, training, and supportive services necessary to gain lasting employment and become self-sufficient. Individuals with a verified disabling condition that is expected to last less than 12 consecutive months in duration are also eligible for PAES; however, they are exempt from participation in employment-related activities and services until such time as their temporary disabling condition has improved. PAES participants may also be exempted from employment-related activities on the basis of age.

PAES applicants must have lived in San Francisco for 30 continuous days prior to the time of application. The introductory Appraisal Period begins when the participant signs a PAES Participant Agreement. Work Experience activities during the Appraisal Period are Group Employment Preparation (GEP) sessions, and a number of Work Assignment hours (depending on the grant amount) or an acceptable, qualifying substitute (employment, approved Vocational Training, ESL, G.E.D. preparation, Job Search because of a medical restriction, etc.). Participants may be excused from GEP if they are engaged in an approved activity and there is either a verified conflict in schedule or the other activity requires more than 16 ½ hours per week. All PAES participants performing employment-related activities receive a monthly Muni Fast Pass or tokens.

Individuals who have successfully completed the Appraisal Period may begin working with an Employment Specialist to develop an Employment Plan. The Work Assignment (or qualifying substitute) continues until the Plan is signed. The individualized, mutually agreed-upon Employment Plan may include: Job training and career counseling, Supervised Job Search, G.E.D. preparation & Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) classes, Vocational Training courses and Vocational Rehabilitation, Skill-building workshops for those able to work in a supported setting, Various Employment Projects, combining temporary paid employment with job-seeking services, Substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Supportive services available to PAES participants in Employment Plans include vocational assessment, substance abuse and mental health counselors on-site, vocational rehabilitation counseling, ancillary expenses for clothing, tools, supplies, etc., and Muni Fast Passes or tokens. PAES employment services are limited to 27 months, with a possible extension of 6 months, if such additional services are likely to lead to employment. There is a 60-day sanction for eligibility requirement-related failures and a 90-day sanction for Employment Plan-related failures. PAES clients who are discontinued for fraud are ineligible for PAES for the duration of the fraud sanction.


Cash Assistance Linked to Medi-Cal (CALM) is for individuals and their spouses who are receiving Medi-Cal benefits because they are either aged or disabled, but do not currently qualify for SSI. There are no Sanction penalties for non-cooperation (except for fraud). One worker at 1440 Harrison Street provides both Medi-Cal benefits and cash assistance; CalFresh workers are also available at the same location.


Supplemental Security Income Pending (SSIP) is for individuals who have medical verification that they have a disability which either has lasted, or is likely to last, at least 12 consecutive months. Muni tokens for verified medical appointments are also provided. There are no Sanction penalties for non-cooperation (except for fraud). SSI Case Management is available and continuing SSIP cases are handled by specialized workers. SSIP clients who are discontinued for fraud are ineligible for SSIP for the duration of the fraud sanction.


General Assistance (GA) remains the County safety net program for indigent adults. It is designed for individuals who do not qualify for CALM and SSIP, and who either do not choose to participate in PAES or are not eligible to receive PAES. In exchange for the GA benefit package, able-bodied GA recipients are expected to perform a number of Workfare hours (depending on the grant amount) or an acceptable substitute. GA recipients performing Workfare receive a monthly Muni Fast Pass or tokens. Program requirement failures without Good Cause may result in a 30-day sanction. GA clients who are discontinued for fraud are ineligible to apply for CAAP for the duration of the fraud sanction.

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