Each Mind Matters is a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to a shared vision of mental wellness and equality. Wellness doesn’t mean we’ll never need help. It means we are proactive, positive and resilient when faced with challenges.

Early support and help for mental health challenges can reduce suffering and save lives. But not everyone who wants and needs help reaches out to get it. One of the greatest barriers to wellness is stigma.

Stigma wrongly assumes that someone who is different from us is less of a person because of it. Stigma can be within us as individuals, families, communities and even institutions. Stigma creates fear, pain and injustice that stop people from reaching out to care for their minds as they would care for their bodies.

The elimination of stigma is essential to prevention, early intervention and support for those experiencing mental health challenges.

Resources include: 

Reach Out 

ReachOut is an information and support service that uses evidence based principles and technology to help teens and young adults who are facing tough times and struggling with mental health issues. All content is written by teens and young adults, for teens and young adults, to meet them where they are, and help them recognize their own strengths in order to overcome their difficulties and/or seek help if necessary. The Inspire USA Foundation oversees ReachOut.

Reachout.com has 5 key sections:

The Facts provides information on a range of mental health issues Real Stories shares personal experiences with mental health issues from teens and young adults and how they got through these issues Forums provide a safe space to connect with peers for immediate support and information free of judgment ReachOut TXT offers peer support and information via text message from trained teen and young adult volunteers. Get Help provides information about how you might find the help you need

Know the Signs

Pain isn’t always obvious, but most suicidal people show some signs that they are thinking about suicide. If you see even one warning sign, step in or speak up. Take the time to learn what to do now, so you’re ready to be there for a friend or loved one when it matters most.

Source: Each Mind Matters, January 27th, 2015

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