The LifeWorks Employment Program is a youth workforce development program that provides job readiness, life skills, career exploration, academic support, and worksite placement for youth, ages 14-20, currently on formal or informal probation. The program is offered year round via 2 cycles: Summer (6 weeks, 20 hours per week) and Fall (30 weeks, 10 hours per week); and youth are paid minimum wage. The program’s service delivery model will employ a team of 3 caring adult allies, Employment Coordinator, Case Manager, and Tutor, to provide “preparatory experiences” aimed at supporting youth in developing marketable and transferable skills to explore and secure post-program activities such as unsubsidized employment opportunities, internships, and post-secondary education.

A key program component is to provide pre-employment and on-going work readiness training to support the youth’s success in the work place. Youth participants will receive up to 16 hours of pre-employment training, participate in 2 hour, bi-weekly job readiness, youth development, and life skills training, and hands on work experience at a certified Lifeworks work site. Click here to download the 2011-2012 LifeWorks Application.

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