New Door Ventures helps disconnected youth get ready for work and life.

New Door provides paid job internships for at-risk youth ages 17-24, at one of two social enterprises (nonprofit businesses that we own and operate) or with community partners in the Ally partnership program.

In addition to earning a paycheck, youth interns develop hard job skills, such as bicycle repair and screen-printing, while also learning soft job skills like professionalism, time management, workplace communication and teamwork.

Ashbury Images

A screen-printing business offering embroidered apparel and custom-designed promotional products for corporations, universities, nonprofit organizations and special events, located in San Francisco’s Bayview District.

Pedal Revolution

A full-service bicycle sales and repair shop, located in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Ally Partnership

New Door partners with 30+ local businesses and nonprofits to provide paid job internships for youth. New Door pays for the interns’ wages, as well as provides all HR, training, admin and legal support for its Ally jobsite partners. Ally partners pay nothing, and benefit from low-cost labor and New Door’s program expertise, while giving back to the community.

Group interviews for job internships at Pedal Revolution, Ashbury Images and Ally job partners are held every Tuesday at 10:30am. Contact Grace Reinhalter for more information, (415) 857-9412.

Source: New Door Ventures

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