The Salvation Army Young Emancipated Adults Program (YEA!): is a 2-year transitional housing program and provides housing for 27 youth.

The mission of the Salvation Army Young Emancipated Adults Program (YEA!) is to equip emancipated foster youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to attain independent living through education, employment, and personal development; while providing an emotionally safe and secure living environment.

By maintaining effective programming, young adults have an opportunity to holistically improve their health and well being; thus preparing them for actual success transitioning into adulthood.

The work YEA! Program undertakes is completely aimed at preparing youth for adult independence. The goal is for all youth to learn everything they need to successfully grow into self-sufficient, healthy, and responsible young men and women.

This entails meeting youth at their level of functioning; developing necessary communication and coping skills; educating youth on practicing wellness; and “setting the bar” higher than they are used to. Participants are provided with a structured program with defined expectations.

Through intensive case management and proper modeling, YEA! Program youth are inspired to set goals, increase their self-determination, and ultimately experience success. Young men and women who utilize the full scope of the YEA! Program transition into the community as autonomous, thriving citizens.

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