sfconservatoryThe Conservatory of Flowers is recruiting high school students for a paid 10-week docent program from June – August 2014.

The docents, called Fly Trap Theater Guides, are onsite for two three-hour shifts per week and are expected to commit to at least two weekend shifts per month.

Program Description
The Conservatory’s Special Exhibit Gallery will be transformed into a murky
swamp filled with thousands of carnivorous plants. The exhibit, titled “CHOMP:
They Came From the Swamp!” is designed to help visitors learn why carnivorous
plants have adapted to attract, capture, and eat prey, as well as how they have
perfected and honed their hunting skills. Fly Trap Theater Guides will dissect
carnivorous plants, explain the plants’ fascinating adaptations, and speak with
visitors about the unique and endangered habitats around the world where
carnivorous plants grow.

Guides will receive a three-hour training, reading materials, and homework to
complete before their first shift. Training topics will include plant adaptations,
public speaking, and carnivorous plants. Students will create their own brief
presentation to give to visitors during each three-hour shift. Students will also
answer questions asked by visitors about plants in the exhibit and about the
Conservatory of Flowers.

Who’s Eligible?
• High school students in good standing entering grades 11 or 12 in the 2014/15
school year
• Must have an interest in gardening, botany, life sciences, museums,
education, OR customer service
• Students must be outgoing, reliable, independent, and enthusiastic
• Students who are comfortable interacting with the public, enjoy public
speaking, and like working with kids

What’s in it for You?
• California minimum wage for training hours and hours worked
• Learn about botany, carnivorous plants, and how a world-class living museum
is run
• Interact with museum visitors from around the world
• Rich experience for resumes, jobs, and college applications
• Free access to the Conservatory, even when you’re not working


Source: Conservatory of Flowers, February 13, 2014