Created in 1996, the Careers in Science (CiS) Intern Program provides San Francisco youth from communities traditionally underrepresented in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) fields with opportunities to immerse themselves in the sciences. Interns will develop life and job skills, receive college and career mentorship, and learn science and sustainability concepts in an authentic, paid work environment. CiS provides hands-on science and youth development experiences at the Academy and outdoors while also exposing interns to professional role models and mentors who are leaders in their disciplines.

CiS strives to increase the diversity of the scientific community and change stereotypes surrounding science. As such, the program’s primary target is youth who have an interest and spark in science, who are motivated and able to fulfill the expected time commitment, and for whom the program would provide the guidance and support in pursuing a higher education degree and career in a STEM field. Program alumni have earned degrees in numerous STEM fields, including: Biology, Environmental Science, Engineering, Geology, and Public Health.

The Experience
If you share a curiosity for the natural world, from plants to planets, worms to snakes, and everything in between, you should consider applying for a Careers in Science internship. Interns primarily work at our amazing facility in Golden Gate Park and occasionally attend off-site events and field trips. Primary intern activities include:

  • Learning about science at trainings, lectures, workshops, and conferences
  • Teaching science to the Academy’s audiences
  • Conducting scientific work during field studies with Academy scientists

To be eligible for the Careers in Science Intern Program, applicants must:

  • Be a San Francisco resident, who attends a SFUSD school (private school on a case-by-case basis)
  • Be a 9th or 10th grader and enrolled full-time
  • Be able to obtain a valid work permit (US citizens and others authorized to work in the US)
  • Commit to all attendance requirements of the program on a year-round, multiyear basis, including afterschool, weekend, and summer work
  • Be able to commute to the Academy in Golden Gate Park for work shifts
  • Demonstrate interest in and enthusiasm for learning about science, teaching science to diverse audiences, and conducting science
Source: California Academy of Science, March 17th, 2016