Bay Area Young Positives (BAY Positives) is starting a peer group for Young HIV Positive Transgender Women to meet at least once a month to:
  • Develop a sense of community by engaging in fun and empowering social activities
  • Share useful resources to help each other meet basic needs
  • Discuss behaviors that limit the spread or contraction of HIV & STIs such as safer sex practices and medication adherence
  • Provide a safer space to develop resilience by sharing the challenges and triumphs of living with HIV as Young Transgender Women
You can sign up either at their drop-in hours 10 am – 5 pm weekdays at 701 Oak Street (at Fillmore) in San Francisco or by contacting Alex Rezai at or (949) 209-7024.
All folks who sign up on our interest list at our drop-in hours will have a choice of receiving either a Jamba Juice or Starbucks gift card.